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Bloom Coaching Solutions

Cultivate a life that blooms.


Creating and fulfilling a sense of purpose leads to a life that blooms. Walking that path alone can be a challenge. Allow Bloom Coaching Solutions to join you in cultivation of the life you envision, through personal development services.


Development Services:

Wellness and Empowerment

Anxiety Reduction Strategies

Interpersonal Relationships

Academic & Professional Goals


Individual Session 

60-minute session: includes evaluation, development, and implementation of growth strategies. $125

Joint Session

90-minute session with a significant other: includes 

evaluation, development, and implementation of growth strategies.  $250

Speaking Engagements & Clinical Consultations

Expert consultation and speaking engagements.

Contact for pricing. 

*All sessions are conducted virtually and are self-pay. 

Colorful Flowers

Dr. Shaakira Ford, DSW, LCSW

Founder & Wellness Advocate

Dr. Shaakira Ford is a licensed mental health provider with over 18 years experience supporting individuals in creating authentic lives. Dr. Ford earned a Bachelors in Social Sciences from University of Alabama-Birmingham, a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University Chicago, and a Doctorate in Clinical Social Work from Aurora University. 


Dr. Ford is passionate about collaborating with clients in not only planting seeds toward goals, but also dedicated to insuring goals bloom.

Client Experiences  

"I was skeptical about therapy for awhile but when I hit rock bottom, I was willing to try anything and had been on medication for awhile. I tried out a few therapists before I was referred to Dr. Ford and I had told myself that I would try one more time. I am so glad that I did! She has such a calming aura and you can tell she loves what she does! It was important for me to find someone that would remain neutral and guide me towards a reflective path; she was the exact person I needed for that! We dug into parts of me that I didn't even realize were buried so far deep and unpacked a lot of trauma but within reason as well. She is truly God sent and I am grateful for her. I truly don't know where I would be had I not crossed paths with her in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you for listening, not judging, teaching me how to reflect, make changes with what I have in front of me and better manage my anxieties and worries! LIKE I SAID PEOPLE, LOOK NO FURTHER!!! I PROMISE YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU CHOSE HER!!!"


"Dr. Ford has been such a blessing to work with. She has such a calming spirit which allows me to feel comfortable during our counseling sessions. She is assertive and compassionate. Working with Dr. Ford has helped me with loving myself even more, learning to trust myself and give myself some grace. Her passion to help women thrive is inspiring to me. I always leave our sessions feeling less anxious and encouraged to take care of myself mentally and physically. Thank you for bringing peace and light to my life."


"Life Changing! If I had to put this review into two words.. it would be just that. Over the course of two years Dr. Shaakira Ford granted me the gift of guiding me through a journey of transformation. Her availability, her kindness, and firmness in wanting to genuinely help me has led to so much growth in my life. She is intentional, knowledgeable, and approachable in numerous areas, which is the perfect balance of a great therapist. She meets you right where you are on any given day. Even on the hard days of therapy you can still count on her being gentle yet effective in how she helps you. I know this sounds like more of a thank you than a review; that's because I am indebted to her for her service and guidance."


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